The Studio Space

The studio is located in
Oakland, a moment from I880.

The main shooting space is 20' x 12' with tall ceilings and natural light, multiple plain colored backdrops, a futon that makes into a couch or flat platform (no arms) and powerful multi-head studio flash system (two with large softboxes) with remote wireless triggering.

A kitchen (12' x 11') with microwave, table and fridge look after creature comforts - or provide an ideal space for those photos with a "retro" look.

There is a bathroom (11' x 7') with a shower that can be used for shoots if you are comfortable working in small spaces!

Finally there is an 12' x 8' workroom/office that has a workstation setup with dual screen MAcPro and dual screen Windows PC with Lightroom 2 (and 3beta if you are brave), Adobe Creative Suite 4, and an Epson Pro 3800 17" printer. PC workstation use is $30 per hour and includes DVDs to archive your work.

High-speed wireless internet is available throughout.

The studio is available at hourly, full or half day rates. Prices